Before The Project

Sand Architects, LLC begins all projects by understanding the investors needs and any development/construction requirements. Once they understand the plan and purpose, Sand Architects, LLC starts the schematic design and presents to the investors. Then the complete the construction documents and specifications for bid. Sand Architects, LLC works with the construction company to review bids to ensure that they meet the plans and specifications.

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Building Green

Sustainability is a constant design principle and concern for Sand Architects, LLC. Many energy efficient features can be added at no or minimal additional net costs during the development and construction phases. Building Green is one of Sand Architects, LLC’s commitment to the local community to make project sustainable. Many of Sand Architects, LLC’s projects have implemented the standards of Minnesota Green Communities and five our their recent projects have implement Energy Star.

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Project Underway 

While projects are under construction, Sand Architects, LLC attends the draws and provides project supervision to ensure that the project is being constructed in accordance with the plans and specifications.

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Our Standard

Sand Architects, LLC is centered on the commitment to quality design and sustainability. Our architecture and planning specialists bring the required vision, technical knowledge and team community to every project.

Our team utilizes energy rebate programs, teams up with energy consultants, and designs buildings utilizing Enterprise Green Communities standards, SB2030 and many more. Our goal is to lower on-going operational costs for the owner. 

Who We Are

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